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Michigan Delivered The Fan Experience!

The BIG HOUSE-- it's everything AND more. We learned firsthand as we sat six rows from the field, on the 10-yard line behind our #HawaiiFB team, amongst over 110,000 people.

But our HSF experience began the night before, Friday 9/9/22, at a popular Local sports bar located near the Detroit Airport, Wheat & Rye. We gathered for drinks, dinner and celebration with fellow Road Warriors who traveled near and far-- some came in from the Islands but we also got to meet some who came from even closer. We had our old friends Jimmy and Turner - "Nebraskans For Hawaii" - and got to meet new ones, like Brandon, a UH alum born, raised, and still living in the Detroit area. Former Warrior Running Back Alonzo Chopp brought along his BLING-- the rings for winning the WAC Championship and participating in the Sugar Bowl.

Saturday 9/10/22, some of our crew slept in while some found a local Farmer's Market to attend, but after breakfast in our hotels, we headed off to Ann Arbor for lunch. Located just south of U of M stadium, Mediterrano has been one of the area's premier restaurants, featuring tantalizing dishes from 14 countries on the Mediterranean coast. Our group enjoyed the finest salmon, lamb, gnocchi, and more, filing our stomachs up for what was to come...the tailgate.

We arrived at the U of M Golf Course around 3:30 for the 8 PM kickoff, giving us the perfect amount of time to get ready for the game and to meet and fellowship with so many new faces. We had everyone's favorite drinks flowing out of the cooler, as we got to know some of the Blue & Maize fans, who were mostly generous and friendly. We also got to meet some new UH fans on the road too, like the family of Eliki Tanuvasa, who drove in from Ohio. One of the O-Lineman's cousins even did a hula for us! With the game turning torrential as the game got closer, many of us had to remain out of the stadium once the official kickoff was pushed an hour back to 9 PM.