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Still On Our Rocky Mountain High

Perfect weather greeted us as we landed in Denver to embark on four days of fun and adventure, making new friends and cherished memories along the way.

Thursday, 10/20/22

Kickoff! Our group gathered together in the SpringHill Suites Denver Airport lobby at 7 PM for our first activity together - dinner at Pho 92, just across the street from our hotel. The walk gave us the opportunity to acquaint and, for some, to reacquaint, as we always have many returnees back on tour again. (Shout Out Sherry-- she just made her 3rd trip of 2022 with us!)

Then Dinner was served: first came the traditional Vietnamese egg rolls - chả giò, fried to perfection - which we wrapped in lettuce, pickled carrot & daikon, cilantro and mint leaves. They certainly readied are palettes for what came next: the soups, curries and rice dishes we could smell on the way in. It was nice to wash it down with some boba slushes too!

🎥 Check out a video from dinner that night here.

Bowl of Vietnamese chicken curry with carrots, broccoli, baby corn and other vegetables. Behind it sits a ball of rice on a plate in front of a small cup of fish sauce.
Vietnamese Chicken Curry...yum!

Friday, 10/21/22

After breakfast at the hotel and a