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#COVID19 ain't got us down!

Aloha Family, Friends and Fellow Fans,

We are in the midst of a global struggle which has caused much strife across borders; we stand in solidarity with all the earth's citizens in doing whatever we can to slow the spread of #COVID19 the novel coronavirus.

In the mean time, we do not have a definite timetable for the return of many of the leagues which have already started its play. We had to pull off a tour for the first time without games last week (Big West Tournament Tour with Lakers/Jazz), and we've had to cancel our upcoming NCAA Men's Volleyball Championship tour to the Washington DC area, which had already generated a lot of buzz and interest.

We do expect football season to arrive without any delays, and we will be going ahead with our UH at Oregon "Homecoming Tour" which we are calling that in hopes of bringing back all those whom have traveled with us in the last eight years - with a special deal offer - as well as the new adventurers that we will soon be meeting for the fist time. This tour will also include an NFL game - likely at one of the new stadiums in LA or Vegas - but we won't be able to have that info until the NFL schedule is released some time in mid-April (usually).

We expect the tour, which will be using one of my absolute favorite cities, Portland, as its home base, to be very popular; a chance to put down a refundable deposit will be given as well so you can hold your spot.

We hope to see you all soon!



HSF Founder

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