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Winnahz in SoCal! UH MVB, Ohtani & ‘Ono Grindz

“You give people an experience!”, one of our VIPs delivered with a firm head nod, as we delicately toasted sunset cocktails our last dinner on the Redondo Beach pier.

Yes, we do; that’s the Hawaii Sports Fans goal every single time, whether it’s 2 or 6 or 24 of you.

Not a cookie-cutter tour company, we curate adventures to provide you a unique experience you simply won’t find anywhere else, delivering value for your money every time.

The Rainbow Warriors gave us even more to deliver on this trip, winning back-to-back Big West Men’s Volleyball championships, but we already had much more waiting in store.

Friday, April 21, 2023

After a night of restful sleep and daily breakfast at our go-to hotel, we officially kicked off the tour with a 1 pm pickup, heading south to Irvine.

Our pre-game meal was first; we had an array of broke da mout’ options to choose from between LAX down to Orange County, a region I know like the back of my hand.

BAEKJEONG might be one of the best KBBQ joints on the planet. The quality of the meats and abundance of fresh banchan (sides) already puts it at the top of a very competitive SoCal market - one I know personally very well - and yet, we threw in a little more for our VIPs: makgeolli (rice wine), soju and one of my absolute favorite di