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Our View of the Biggest Interception in Super Bowl History!

In case you missed it - basically, if you were under a rock - the New England Patriots defeated the Seattle Seahawks in one of the most exciting games - let alone Super Bowls - that have ever been played. With the Seahawks on the goalline carrying all the momentum in the world, Coach Pete Carroll opted to throw - a pass picked off by relatively unknown (at the time) Malcolm Butler - instead of handing off the ball to one of the most powerful running backs in the game, Marshawn Lynch. Our Hawaii Sports Fans group was there to witness it all, right from the Patriots family section in the corner of the end zone. Sitting next to Brandon LaFell's lovely mother, wife and children, we were smack dab in the midst of the hoots and hollers that come from the unbelievable feeling of pulling off victory when you surely thought you were headed for defeat.

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